Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspection


What is a pre-listing inspection?

A pre-listing inspection is an inspection performed prior to listing a property for sale. This type of inspection is a detailed assessment of the property’s function and safety, not its cosmetic appearance.

Why have a pre-listing inspection?

A pre-listing inspection is an opportunity for the seller to discover any:

  1. Major Problems
  2. Symptoms of Major Problems
  3. Safety Hazards

before placing the property on the market for sale. Inspecting a home before listing can help the seller to price his/her home realistically, especially since most often some of the problems discovered during an inspection are ones that the homeowner is not even aware of. A pre-listing inspection allows the homeowner the opportunity to make any repairs before the sale of the property. Many home buyers make their contracts contingent on the completion of a home inspection; if major problems are discovered many home buyers can and will back out of the deal. This situation is unfortunate for the seller. Having a home inspection before listing the home can help the seller avoid such a stressful situation later on in the purchase process. A pre-listing inspection can also help the seller get the maximum purchase price market conditions will allow by helping the homeowner list the property while it is in its best shape.

“Chris not only inspected the home, but also gave me helpful hints about keeping it up (saving me money). He was very honest and let me know that his company was working for me not the realtors/Loan Company, but ME!!!”

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What is inspected during a pre-listing inspection?

The pre-listing inspection is a visual and non-destructive assessment of your home. The inspection covers all areas of the home from the roof to the foundation as well as the exterior. We strongly encourage you to be present for the inspection so that you can maximize your benefit from our services by asking questions. The specific areas covered include:

  • The Structure and Basement
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing and All Bathrooms
  • Electrical Systems and Kitchen
  • Basement/Attic
  • Roofing System
  • Exterior of Home
  • Grounds

The age of all appliances and major systems will also be noted on the report. Upon the completion of the inspection the homeowner will receive a detailed and easy to understand inspection report.

After the Inspection

We are here to educate you about your home. Baltimore Home Specs is always available for questions. We leave you with your report, suggestions for improvement (if necessary) and easy ways to contact us if you need any further inspections or ever have a question about your inspection. We also will offer you a price reduction on your pre-purchase inspection when you finally find your new home.