Lead Exposure Prevention

Lead Exposure Prevention

Baltimore Home Specs. LLC are a Maryland State Accredited Visual Inspection company. Baltimore Home Specs, can help you comply with the Maryland Lead Paint Risk Reduction

Lead exposure can come from a number of sources, including soil and water, but the most prevalent exposure in Maryland comes from lead-based paint found in residences built prior to 1978.

Lead poisoning in children is totally preventable. In Maryland lead poisoning is the most common childhood disease.

Some of the side effects of lead poisoning are mental retardation, hyperactivity, kidney problems, seizures and coma. Even low levels of lead in a child’s blood can cause learning disabilities and low IQ.

Below are the laws and provisions you must follow for Maryland rental homes.

Peeling Paint

Maryland Laws

This law is the basis for the Maryland Lead Poisoning Prevention Program established by the General Assembly in 1994 for the purpose of reducing the incidence of childhood lead poisoning while maintaining the stock of affordable rental housing.

This program requires owners of older residential properties to meet certain risk reduction standards while providing the protection of limited liability for owners who comply.

  • Owners of all rental dwelling units built before 1950 must comply with this law. Failure to do so will restrict an owners ability to access District (Rent) Court, discussed further below in HB1245.
  • Owners of units built between 1950 and 1978 may choose to comply and thus benefit from limited liability protection.

To comply with the law & obtain liability protection, owners must do the following:

  1. Register all rental dwelling units ($15 annual fee per unit) with the Maryland Department of the Environment. When an owner acquires a new affected property, the owner has 30 days after acquisition to register that property.
  2. Meet Full Risk Reduction Standards upon each change in tenant occupancy before the unit is re-rented. These standards can be met by either:

    • Passing a lead dust test that meets the Maryland Lead Dust Clearance Standard and receiving a Lead Inspection Certificate, provided that any chipping, peeling, or flaking paint in the property has been removed or repainted; OR
    • Completing Full Risk Reduction Measures (by a certified contractor) and receipt of an Inspection certificate (by a certified inspector). You may also wish to see our Work Safely tab above.
      These measures include:

      • a visual review of all exterior and interior painted surfaces
      • removal and repainting of any chipping, peeling, or flaking paint on exterior and interior surfaces
      • repair of any structural defects that are causing paint to chip, peel or flake
      • stripping and repainting, replacing or encapsulating all interior window sills with vinyl, metal or other approved materials
      • installation of caps of vinyl, aluminum or other approved materials in all window wells to make wells smooth and cleanable
      • fixing of the top of the sash of all windows to prevent friction caused by the opening and closing of windows
      • rehanging of all doors necessary to prevent the rubbing together of lead-painted surfaces with another surface
      • making sure all kitchen & bathroom floors are overlaid with a smooth, water-resistant covering
      • making all bare floors smooth and cleanable
      • HEPA vacuuming and wet-washing the interior of the unit.

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