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Why Should you Choose Baltimore Home Specs L.L.C. for your Home Inspection?

Because a home inspection could save you thousands in costly repairs and you can’t afford a mistake.

Baltimore Home Specs L.L.C. inspectors are fully certified (#29776) and exceed all of Maryland’s State Regulations, but our company offers more than just that for our clients. Our team of inspectors are honest and always available for questions via cell phone, toll free number, or email. We have an attention for detail and genuinely enjoy home inspecting as a career. We are prepared to spend the time is takes onsite to give you a proper assessment of your home- that means no rushing to get to the next inspection.

“Chris was thorough, efficient, prompt, and polite. Having both men there to double-check things saved time and gave me extra confidence in their findings. Getting the report immediately (in paper and electronic form) allowed me to quickly begin the final negotiation process. I recommend them for their good pricing and great service.”

City: Ellicott City, MD
Project: Inspection – General Home (Home Inspector)
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Baltimore Home Specs inspectors are:

  1. Qualified professionals, who are committed to only the highest standards
  2. BSI graduates
  3. Fully insured with over $1,000,000 in E&O insurance, with referring party coverage
  4. Prompt and dependable
  5. Owner operated- not a franchise
  6. Affiliates of the “National Association of Home Inspectors” (NAHI)
    Committed to a continuing education program in order to stay up to date
  7. Experienced and highly skilled
  8. Home owners who are familiar with the purchase/sale process
  9. Certified by the IESO and ACAC (Environmental)
  10. Members of the Better Business Bureau

Our inspectors have been trained by some of the best inspectors in the state of Maryland, using a hands-on curriculum instead of an internet course. Baltimore Home Specs inspectors use professional equipment and have flexible scheduling. Our inspectors are available 7 days a week during the morning, afternoon, or evening. (We do not recommend that inspections take place after dark because exterior problems become nearly impossible to see.) We have also priced our inspections affordably and we even offer special savings for clients.

The Team Inspection Service

Baltimore Home Specs utilizes a hard-to-find “partnered inspection” service that offers the best in accuracy and detail for your home inspection. We provide two certified home inspectors for the same price that many inspection companies charge for one. Our inspectors work as a team to give your home the most thorough inspection possible. The “partnered inspection” option gives you, as the homeowner, the opportunity to ask more questions and get more information out of your home inspection because you will have the expertise of two inspectors in your home. Our unique service also works great for large square footage/ luxury properties.

“Chris was very nice & professional and I would recommend their services 100%”

City: Baltimore, MD
Project: Inspection – General Home (Home Inspector)
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